Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do You Know Who You Are?

One of my many struggles in life at this moment is knowing who I am.  I think for a long time I have grown up under my parents wing and not really known how to figure out how to be myself or who that really is.  Within the last couple of months I have been really struggling with who am I and who do I want to become? I feel like I am getting older and feeling like my old high school self when other people my age seem so much more grown up than I am.  Maybe that is due to the fact that they have kids and I don't, I am not sure why I feel that way.  Since I started this blog I have really tried to research some topics and get ideas on what to talk about and I feel like this is one of the biggest things that I need to figure out for myself before I try to fix all the other problems I have.

I was browsing through Studio 5 looking at past articles that they had for the 'Living Without Pretending' segment that they have this month and I came across exactly what I was looking for.  'Do You Know Who You Are' was a segment that they had a couple weeks ago and it was perfect for what I was needing.  Of course it doesn't magically make me realize who I am but it will help me in that direction.  Here is the video from this segment:

Karen Eddington who is a Self-Worth analyst made this very real and true comment: "We don't magically find ourselves, we create ourselves. We don't wake up one day and get it all at once and then keep that all-at-once mindset our entire life. Rather, we create ourselves through choices and being accountable for those choices. We fear making a wrong choice, we fear failure, and we fear rejection so we often try to remain neutral. We pretend instead of take a risk. We are fake because sometimes it hurts to be real. Don't pretend--choose."  I added a link to her website by clicking her name.

On her website she has a link to a worksheet called 'I Am.'  This is a great work sheet to start finding out who you really are.  I thought that it would be good to share my answers on this worksheet with you. So for the next four weeks every Tuesday I will be sharing a portion of this 'I Am' worksheet with you so stay tuned!  I encourage all of you to go on her website and download this and answers these questions for yourself either on a blog or in a journal.

The first piece that it talks about is Heritage: Where do you come from? I come from a great mormon family.  I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised in Bountiful and Centerville.  My mother is from Salt Lake and is such a talented lady.  She is the strongest lady I know, she had to be raising myself and four brothers.  My father was born and raised in Bountiful Utah.  He is the strongest, most loving father I could have ever asked for.  He has given me the life that I could have only dreamed of living, even though at times I may not have seemed grateful.  I think the person that I would love to be growing up and the person that I look up to in finding who I am is my Grandma Stringham.  She is the strongest, most talented, and spiritual person I know.  She has been through so much in her lifetime and I have not heard her complain once.  She loved sewing, painting, and making these beautiful dolls but arthritis has gotten the best of her.  She is not able to do those things that she loves anymore but I have never heard her complain once about it in her life.  I want to strive to be just like her and try to not complain about things in my life anymore no matter how big or small the trial may be.  That is only a little bit about my heritage, there are a lot more people that I look up to but that would turn into a novel and this is a blog post not a book.

So I hope you take time out of your busy day to first watch the video from Studio 5, download the 'I Am' worksheet and write up the answers in your journal or some where you keep safe.  Thanks for reading!

Inspired Tuesday

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